Can Asphalt Be Recycled?

Though plastic and cardboard may be the first things you think of when you picture a full recycle bin, nearly 100% of reclaimed asphalt (about 80 million tons each year) is recycled. In fact, asphalt is the #1 recycled material in the U.S. When it comes to roadway projects throughout the US, about 81% of asphalt removed from the roads is recycled. Plus, reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) is just as high in quality as the original material. With all of these benefits, why not recycle asphalt? At A.B. Veirs & Sons Paving, we care about not only the level of professionalism in the work that we do, but also our effect on the environment.

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Why Should You Recycle Asphalt?

In comparison to producing asphalt materials, recycling asphalt dramatically reduces the consumption of resources such as fuel, machinery, transportation, and labor. When considering the fact that reclaimed asphalt pavement can be just as strong as new pavement, recycling asphalt can benefit both the environment and the drivers who use the roads every day. Since the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) started implementing a recycled materials policy, we have seen great improvements in the use of recycled materials for paving projects.

Especially now that Tax Day has recently passed, all of us have money on our minds. When it comes to saving tax dollars, recycling asphalt can make a huge difference. Due to the fact that adding recycled asphalt material to the asphalt production process reduces costs, the money that would be spent on production can instead go to funding the repair and maintenance of roads.

Why We Care

At A.B. Veirs & Sons Paving, we care about our community in Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. We serve a variety of clients in the DC metro area who depend on us to provide high-quality asphalt paving and concrete services for their commercial properties. As a result, we are committed to getting our project done right the first time to reduce the unnecessary waste of resources and time when paving your parking lot, roadway, or driveway.

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A.B. Veirs & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1947, and our commitment to quality today is greater than ever. Our employees are the best in the industry, and they take pride and ownership in every job they complete. By treating every project like it’s our own, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality and make every customer a happy one. Paving is a significant investment, which is why we offer the finest quality and service—so you can get the best long-term value for your project.

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