Why You Should Install Asphalt in Warm Weather

Though you might assume that temperature does not affect asphalt paving, that is actually not the case. In order to perform as designed, asphalt must be installed in a warm environment. Taking this into consideration, now is the time for you to schedule new asphalt paving at your commercial business in the DC metro area! Not convinced? Keep reading to learn why the warmer months are the best time to pave.

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What Is the Ideal Temperature for Paving?

Generally, the ideal minimum temperature to install asphalt is 50 degrees F. In some cases, the temperature may be as low as 40 degrees F or as high as 60 degrees F. These temperatures are most common in spring, summer, and fall, making them the best time to pave.

In addition, summertime typically has less precipitation than other seasons of the year. Since asphalt can’t be installed in the rain, scheduling your project during summer will prevent rain delays. As an added bonus, since people are on vacation and kids are out of school in the summer, there may be fewer delays or inconveniences for your residents, tenants, and clients.

Why Does Asphalt Need to Be Warm During Installation?

Pavement is essentially stone mixed with liquid asphalt—almost like a glue—which gives it its dark gray or black color. Liquid asphalt is petroleum-based and hardens when cooled; when hot, it is pliable. During production, asphalt plants heat up the material, and then it is immediately loaded into a truck and hauled to the job site for installation.

Here are some reasons why asphalt needs to be warm during installation:

  • Hot asphalt is more workable. This allows for a smooth and uniform surface texture.
  • Asphalt needs to be a certain temperature to compact to proper specs. Correct compaction is extremely significant in the lifespan of the pavement.
  • Warmer asphalt means tighter joints. The joints (or seams) can be a weak spot if not paved properly, and warm asphalt allows the joints to come together easier.

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