Commercial Pavement Maintenance & Repair in Silver Spring, Maryland

No matter what type of property you manage—from retail complexes to residential neighborhoods and government buildings—the integrity of your pavement is important.

Damaged pavement can compromise safety and affect how people view your business. Even if you provide superior products or services to the public, outsiders might form a poor image of your company due to a cracked parking lot or a dangerously damaged sidewalk.

Whether you need asphalt repair or maintenance (including road repair, road maintenance, parking lot repair, and parking lot maintenance) or concrete repair, A.B. Veirs & Sons, Inc. Paving can get your project done safely and efficiently.

When you need asphalt or concrete surfaces repaired on your commercial property in the Silver Spring area, contact A.B. Veirs.

Asphalt Repair & Resurfacing for Businesses in Silver Spring

If the asphalt of your roadway or parking lot is deteriorated or has extensive cracking, rutting, and potholes, you likely need asphalt repair. There are several you might end up with damaged asphalt, including:

  • Bad subgrade
  • Aging asphalt that is brittle (and is more prone to cracks/damage)
  • Harsh weather, especially rain and flooding
  • Untreated cracks where water was able to seep into the asphalt

Regardless of the cause of the damage, A.B. Veirs is here to help. First, we’ll use a milling machine to get rid of the old surface asphalt. This allows the new asphalt to join with existing structures—such as the curb and gutter that define the edges of the lot—and can also correct grading problems.

Once we’ve corrected any underlying structural issues, we’ll use pavers and rollers to lay out the new layer of asphalt smoothly.

If your parking lot or road near Silver Spring needs repair, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Cosmetic Maintenance for Silver Spring Asphalt Roads & Parking Lots

A.B. Veirs offers crack-filling, seal coating, and striping or painting to help an older asphalt parking lot look its best. Crack-filling seals the gaps in the pavement and provides structural value by preventing water from seeping through small, isolated cracks. Sealcoating is a cosmetic treatment that enriches the color of the asphalt if it has faded.

If needed, we can also re-mark the pavement if the painting or striping has become worn or if you want to create a new traffic flow. Painting and re-striping can help drivers clearly see entrances, exits, lanes, and parking spots.

Do you have an asphalt road or parking lot in the Silver Spring area that needs cosmetic maintenance? Call A.B. Veirs today at (301) 276-0886.

Commercial Concrete Repair in Silver Spring

Concrete can be used for many different structures surrounding a commercial building or residential neighborhood, from sidewalks to curb and gutter. The integrity of these structures is important for the safety of those walking on them and for the proper drainage of nearby asphalt.

Don’t let minor cracks and drainage issues become big problems. When you need concrete repair in Silver Spring and nearby areas, A.B. Veirs is the company to call. Our expert paving contractors can offer everything from minor repairs to complete rehab of concrete surfaces.

Schedule Commercial Paving Maintenance & Repair in the Silver Spring Area

Regardless of the type of property you manage or own in Silver Spring, the asphalt will eventually deteriorate and become unsightly and unsafe, especially in adverse weather. Asphalt repair projects require even greater attention to detail than new construction projects because the smallest planning details make all the difference.

When you need asphalt or concrete surfaces repaired on your commercial property in Silver Spring, contact A.B. Veirs.

Why Choose A.B. Veirs for Pavement Maintenance & Repair in Silver Spring?

During a repair project, people who regularly need access to the property still need safe, reliable access. Additionally, they will be watching the professionalism of the company that is performing the work. Call A.B. Veirs to handle your repaving project from start to finish with our top equipment, detailed planning, and professional execution.

A.B. Veirs has been a family-owned and -operated paving company since 1947, and our commitment to quality today is greater than ever. Our employees are the best in the industry, and they take pride and ownership in every job they complete. We strive to achieve the highest level of quality and make every customer a happy one.

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