Driveway Paving in MD, DC & Northern VA

Your home’s driveway is one of the vital elements of overall curb appeal. It can create a welcoming and inviting statement or, if it’s crumbling and ill-maintained, it can pose a threat to your cars’ suspension. If you do not currently have an asphalt driveway, installing one is often an overlooked luxury that greatly improves the everyday experience of coming home.

If you have significant deterioration in your driveway, it may be time to replace it. Whether you need a completely new driveway, repair to your existing driveway, or something in between, A.B. Veirs and Sons, Inc. Paving can help.

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Asphalt Driveway Installation in Gaithersburg, MD & DC

Planning on installing a driveway and looking to get the advantages of durable, attractive asphalt? A.B. Veirs offers quality custom asphalt driveway paving services. With our extensive experience and top-class equipment, we can install driveways exactly to your expectations and preferences, and quickly!

When you select the paving experts at A.B. Veirs, we can walk you through our entire process, which will include:

  • A consultation to learn what you need for your asphalt driveway.
  • A quote, letting you know the cost of the project and what will be involved.
  • A streamlined installation—we work hard to make the installation process smooth and simple.
  • Handling the fine details, including fine grading the subgrade, installing stone, and installing asphalt layers with our pavers and rollers.

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The Benefits of Asphalt Driveways for DC Homes

When it comes to selecting the right material for your new driveway, you certainly have some options. But there’s are several advantages to asphalt driveways.

Some of the biggest benefits of asphalt driveways include:

  • Higher durability than other material types
  • Resistance to flaking, cracking, and weather damage
  • Easy, cost-effective repairs when needed
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • High-value, low-cost material

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Asphalt Driveway Repair & Repaving in Gaithersburg, MD

Do you already have an asphalt driveway that’s showing signs of wear? We can help restore your driveway, whether it needs basic cosmetic maintenance or complete repaving. Our driveway maintenance and repair services include:

  • Crack-filling
  • Sealcoating to restore color
  • Milling to remove damaged asphalt
  • Repaving
  • And everything in between!

Whether your driveway has minor cracks or major problems, we’ll formulate a plan to make it as good as new (or even better!). Our experts have decades of experience repairing and paving asphalt throughout the Montgomery County area, so you can be sure you’re hiring a paving company that will get the job done right the first time.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Driveway Paving

What is the standard thickness of asphalt or concrete driveways?

There is no legal standard, or code for installing new driveways, walkways, or patios on private property, and there are many different methods, techniques, and materials at a contractors disposal.

Is the weather too hot in the summer to pave an asphalt driveway?

No, unlike concrete, high temperatures allow us more time to finish the asphalt surface.

When is the best time to install an asphalt driveway?

We recommend that asphalt driveway installation take place when the temperature ranges between 60-75 degrees, which for most Maryland- and DC-area homeowners means spring and summer, or very early in the fall.

Do I have to sealcoat my asphalt driveway every year?

Asphalt does require sealcoating with an asphalt based sealer, but our team recommends scheduling asphalt sealcoating bi-yearly.

How long do I have to wait before using my new asphalt driveway?

The driveway can usually be used in 24-72 hours unless told otherwise.

Why is the surface of my new asphalt driveway not uniform in texture?

Asphalt is made up of sand, rock, and tar. When tar, or sand clump together, a smooth area is produced on the surface. When rock gathers, a rough area is produced on the surface. Asphalt is a natural stone product, subject to the same limitations, and inconsistencies.

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Why Choose A.B. Veirs for Driveway Paving in Maryland?

Whether you’re paving a new driveway or repairing an old one, you want to hire a contractor who has a deep knowledge of what it takes to build a long-lasting asphalt surface.

We have over 70 years of experience paving parking lots, roads, and driveways near Gaithersburg and throughout Maryland, and that experience has allowed us to give homeowners the finest-quality driveway.

If you’re looking for a paving contractor that focuses on quality, we’re the company you’re after. Give us a call at (301) 670-3800 today to get started on your driveway paving project.