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A.B. Veirs has been a full-service asphalt paving company in the Washington, DC metro area since 1947. We specialize in commercial parking lots, roadways, and residential driveways, and have paved many local landmarks including national monuments and government properties.

Our paving company in Gaithersburg has built a reputation as an industry leader through our valued customers:

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New Asphalt Paving & Concrete Services

When you need a new parking lot, road, or concrete work for your commercial property, A.B. Veirs is the company to call. We can handle your asphalt paving or concrete job from start to finish with our top equipment, detailed planning, and professional execution.

Parking Lot Paving

When a new building or shopping center is constructed, a new parking lot is essential because it is the first experience people have with your property. Paving can be a complex and disruptive process, but our expertise makes it effortless from the customer’s perspective. We use the best equipment, crews, and processes to ensure the quality of the finished parking lot and your overall experience exceed your expectations.

Roadway Paving

If you’re building a neighborhood or commercial development, paving high-quality roads is a necessity. Sound infrastructure is an essential building block to making sure you get the full value out of your property. Our quick and efficient crews plan out each project to ensure the best materials and equipment are perfectly coordinated to give you a durable road with minimal construction downtime.

Concrete Services

When concrete services are needed in addition to your asphalt work, A.B. Veirs can install curb and gutter, sidewalks, aprons, and parking pads. While evaluating issues and solutions for your parking lot plan, we take a comprehensive look at how the asphalt and concrete integrate and perform their necessary tasks.

Commercial Pavement Maintenance & Repair

Regardless of what type of property you manage—from retail complexes to residential neighborhoods and government buildings—the integrity of your pavement is important. Damaged pavement can compromise safety and affect how people view your business. Even if you provide superior products or services to the public, outsiders might form a poor image of your company due to a cracked parking lot or a dangerously damaged sidewalk. Whether you need asphalt repair or maintenance (including road repair, road maintenance, parking lot repair, and parking lot maintenance) or concrete repair, we can get your project done safely and efficiently.

Parking Lot Repair

Even a parking lot made with superior materials and equipment can become damaged due to extreme weather or excessive use over time. Sun, rain, snow, and ice all take their toll on a parking lot and can result in damage. The good news is that A.B. Veirs provides professional repairs to parking lots in Montgomery County and throughout the DC area. We can perform everything from cosmetic maintenance to complete rehabilitation of asphalt parking lots.

Road Maintenance & Repair

Damage to a roadway can be an eyesore, and large holes and cracks in roads can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. When your road needs repair or resurfacing, be sure to call a professional asphalt paving company right away. We can perform various types of asphalt roadway maintenance and rehabilitation such as surface milling and asphalt overlay.

Commercial Asphalt Repair & Repaving

A.B. Veirs offers crack-filling, patching for pot holes, sealcoating, and pavement marking to help restore asphalt appearance. Crack-filling and patching seal the gaps in the pavement, and sealcoating helps cover the entire surface. Once the structure of your asphalt is restored, we’ll remark the pavement so that drivers can see entrances, exits, lanes, and parking spots clearly.

Site Work & Site Preparation Services

If you’re getting ready to begin a construction project, you need a company to help prepare the construction site for building. As most general contractors and property managers know, site work includes anything that is not the construction of a building’s physical structure. Site work is a significant portion of any building project. A.B. Veirs offers site prep services including fine grading, installation of stone, and minor excavation.

Driveway Paving

Just like the road or parking lot in front of a business, a home’s driveway can create a welcoming and inviting statement. If you do not currently have an asphalt driveway, installing one is often an overlooked luxury that greatly improves the everyday experience you have living in your home.  Furthermore, if you have significant deterioration in your driveway, it may be time to replace it. Whether you need a completely new driveway, repair to your existing driveway, or something in between, A.B. Veirs can help.

Commercial Snow Removal

Because snowstorms aren’t a constant threat, businesses don’t always think about their snow and ice removal plan. Snow can be a nuisance for your business, so it’s important to get the roads and parking lots surrounding your building cleared as soon as possible once the storm is over. A.B. Veirs offers commercial snow removal throughout the DC metro area.

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Director of Operations (HOA)

The repaving [project] was the largest roadway restoration project in the Village's history aside from its original development. Throughout my tenure with the Village, I have never had a contractor or their employees be as responsive as yours. Many a time the forethought of your employees mitigated potential issues during repaving operations.

-Michael Y.
Senior Project Manager (General Contractor)

A.B. Veirs is a top-notch asphalt subcontractor in the DC Metro area! They have the experience, drive, and capability to get the job done, no matter the size or complexity. Their honesty combined with their professionalism, reliability and commitment to quality paves the way for successful projects time and time again!

-Leaha M
VP of Facilities (Commercial property)

Veirs Paving has done work for our complex for many years. Both big jobs and small. The quality of your work has been outstanding and your cost extremely competitive. Whether it's planned work or an emergency situation, I know I can count on Veirs. I would recommend your company highly to anyone…

-Ed V
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