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At A.B. Veirs and Sons, Inc. Paving, we offer a variety of asphalt and concrete paving services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. From residential to commercial and everything in between, we provide the services you need and the professional execution you can trust.

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Our Paving & Asphalt Services in DC, MD & VA

New Paving & Concrete

At A.B. Veirs, our new asphalt paving and concrete services include installation of sub-base material and asphalt on new construction projects like parking lots, roads, and driveways. We provide paving and concrete services to residential and commercial clients.

Commercial Pavement Maintenance & Repair

Our commercial pavement maintenance and repair services, include milling and repairing surface asphalt, as well as excavating weak subgrade and replacing with a structural fill. We also offer crack-filling, sealcoating, and pavement marking services to keep existing asphalt looking great.

Commercial Snow Removal

It can be easy to forget about having a snow removal plan—until a big storm comes! A.B. Veirs provides reliable snow removal so your property’s parking lot can stay safe and clear during the winter months.

Site Prep

When you’re beginning a construction project, you need the site prepared for building. A.B. Veirs offers expert site preparation services in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas. We install (or excavate) stone and dirt, and fine grade the subgrade within strict tolerances.

Paving Consulting

Not sure what paving services you need for your project? Let our experienced estimators conduct a consultation to determine the best solution to meet your needs.

If you need paving services in Gaithersburg or the surrounding Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia areas, contact us today to get an estimate for your project!

Our Paving Client Industries in DC, MD & Northern VA

A.B. Veirs works with a wide variety of clients throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and the DC metro area for paving projects and more.

Some of the clients we work with include:

  • Retail properties
  • Office buildings
  • Government agencies
  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Churches & places of worship
  • Municipal buildings
  • And more!

Check out our project gallery to see some of our recent commercial paving projects in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia areas!

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We specialize in paving and concrete services and more for:

Commercial Properties

Commercial Asphalt Paving Near Gaithersburg

We offer custom paving solutions to meet your cost and design objectives along with experience in scheduling operations for minimal impact on your daily operations during construction.

Government Properties

Paving & Concrete Services in Washington, DC

We’ve worked with many government projects including the World War II Memorial in Washington DC. Our experienced crew will ensure your project is completed on time and on budget.

Residential Properties

Asphalt and Concrete Paving in Gaithersburg

Whether you are looking for a brand new driveway with elegant hardscape features included, or a repair of your existing driveway, or something in between, we will offer a solution to highlight the beauty of your home.

If you own or manage a midsized property in or near Montgomery County, Maryland and you need paving services, contact A.B. Veirs today at (301) 670-3800!

Why Choose A.B. Veirs for Asphalt Paving & Concrete in Maryland?

A.B. Veirs and Sons, Inc. Paving has been family-owned and -operated since 1947, and our commitment to quality today is greater than ever. Our employees are the best in the industry, and they take pride and ownership in every job they complete.

We strive to achieve the highest level of quality and make every customer a happy one. Paving is a significant investment, which is why we offer the finest quality and service—so you can get the best long-term value for your project.

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Our Service Area for Asphalt & Concrete Paving

A.B. Veirs provides paving and concrete services throughout Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia. The cities we serve include: