About A.B. Veirs & Sons, Inc.

Family owned since 1947. One of the oldest in MD, DC & Northern VA.

The Veirs family has a long history in Maryland going back to the 1600’s, which includes developing several modern day historical landmarks such as Veirs Mill Road. A.B. (Alvin) Veirs started the company in 1947 on one of the old Veirs farms on route 28 near exit 6 on I-270. In 1990, three of his sons took over the company and relocated the operations to Gaithersburg. Today, there is one owner remaining, and the commitment to quality is greater than ever. Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of working with some of the best employees in the industry. Our excellent employees who take ownership in their work, combined with the Veirs family’s personal involvement in every project, have strengthened our reputation for commitment to quality. We treat every project like it is our own in order to be proud enough to put our name on it.

Our mission

We are a company that customers trust to do quality work by finding the best solution to create the most value for each customer's need.


Our trust has been earned through consistent expertise and project planning for the smoothest project experience for our customers.


Full service asphalt paving.

Our projects include new parking lots, parking lot rehabilitation, roadway paving, driveways, and much more. Click through to see a comprehensive list of services.