Road Maintenance & Repair in Maryland & the DC Metro Area

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Damage to a roadway can be an eyesore, and large holes and cracks in roads can be dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. When your road needs repair or resurfacing, be sure to call a professional asphalt paving company right away. We can perform various types of asphalt roadway maintenance and rehabilitation, including crack-filling, surface milling, and asphalt overlay.

If your roads in Montgomery County, Maryland or the surrounding area need maintenance, repair, or repaving, contact us for an estimate today. We offer roadway paving in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas.

Cosmetic Road Maintenance in MD, DC & Northern VA

A.B. Veirs offers crack-filling and striping or painting to help older asphalt look its best. Filling cracks as soon as they form can help boost the structural integrity of your asphalt road by ensuring water doesn’t seep into small, isolated cracks. If needed, we can also stripe and paint the asphalt to redefine the lanes, shoulder, and stopping points on the road.

Do you have an asphalt road or street in the DC metro area that needs cosmetic maintenance? Call A.B. Veirs for roadway paving in Gaithersburg today at (301) 670-3800.

Road Repair Services

If the asphalt of your roadway is deteriorated or has extensive cracking, rutting, and potholes, you likely need asphalt repair. There are many reasons you might end up with damaged asphalt, including:

  • Bad subgrade (the soil or material the pavement is built on)
  • Aging asphalt that is brittle (and is more prone to cracks/damage)
  • Harsh weather, especially rain and flooding
  • Untreated cracks where water was able to seep into the asphalt

Regardless of the cause of the damage, A.B. Veirs and Sons. Inc. Paving is here to help. First, we’ll use a milling machine to get rid of the old surface asphalt. This allows the new asphalt to join with existing structures—such as the curb and gutter, if relevant—and can also correct grading problems. Once we’ve corrected any underlying structural issues, we’ll use pavers and rollers to lay out the new layer of asphalt smoothly.

If your road near Montgomery County needs repair, don’t hesitate to contact us for roadway paving in Gaithersburg and the surrounding areas today.

Who We Serve

A.B. Veirs helps clients of all sizes in Montgomery County, Maryland, and the DC metro area pave and repair roadways and streets. We work with:

  • Retail properties
  • Office buildings
  • Government agencies
  • Residential neighborhoods
  • Churches and places of worship
  • County and municipal offices
  • And more

If you think we might be a good fit for your road maintenance or repair needs, be sure to give us a call.

Why Choose A.B. Veirs for Road Repair in Maryland & DC?

A.B. Veirs has been family owned and operated since 1947, and our commitment to quality today is greater than ever. Our employees are the best in the industry, and they take pride and ownership in every job they complete. By treating every project like it’s our own, we strive to achieve the highest level of quality and make every customer a happy one.

Asphalt repair projects require even greater attention to detail than new construction projects because the smallest planning details make all the difference. Road maintenance can be particularly disruptive to drivers and pedestrians, so we aim to complete all repair and maintenance as quickly as possible without compromising on quality or service.

For expert road maintenance and repair in the Montgomery County area, contact us today at (301) 670-3800 for an estimate. We offer roadway paving in Gaithersburg and the surrounding Maryland areas.